Four Nude mahjong will

This is a painting, most recently in Western society and the online world caused by the use of saliva than the painter’s paint a thousand times more. Painter Liu Yi, a Chinese who went to Canada. March 6, 2005 New York, is said to exhibit a painting this painting caused a lot of speculation, because the painting is entitled: “Beijing 2008.”
This map is very interesting, called the Beijing 2008, painting is of four women playing mahjong, obviously a very deep meaning hidden inside.

Tattoo behind front below the Asian woman, should be China.
Concentrating on the left hand playing cards, and is Japan.
Wearing a coat side head of the United States.
Lying very YD’s, is Russia.
Standing next to the little girl, is Taiwan.
China hit the “east”, is what meaning? May be two meanings, first, by the east wind in the rise of China; 2, “Dongfeng missile” is already on the table a powerful weapon. While the situation in China as well, but do not know how the other cards, but she was under the table doing little tricks.
An intimate knowledge of the way the United States, looking at Taiwan, the expression is very interesting, one is to read from Taiwan’s expression in what, on the one hand they look to Taiwan to do hint at.
Russia, an indifferent look, does not. Side of the foot consort of the United States, the Chinese side in the delivery card, the two countries can be said in the secret exchange of interests.
Japanese solemnly watched the chat we license, totally do not know what others in the movement, only the name of his cards.
Taiwan’s wearing a red apron may mean that Chinese civilization, the last true successor. . . Taiwan one hand and a hand holding a fruit knife fruit, expression of anger may look gloomy and China. . . But no way, he would not join the Board, regardless of who ultimately win, he can only be someone else’s cut fruit.
End windows clouded river, the situation across the Taiwan Strait should be implied crisis explode the.
Hanging on the wall like a very interesting, Sun Yat-sen’s beard, shaved head Chiang Kai-shek, Mao Zedong’s appearance. . .
The four women’s clothing is also very interesting.
China’s bare upper body, a pair of underwear beneath a skirt.
The United States a coat lingerie, lower body is bare.
Russia had only a pair of underwear.
Japan has nothing left.
This is also a portrayal of the situation in various countries.
U.S. clothing looks best neat, strength and most powerful, the other a few per bit naked, but the United States seemingly bright, but has already revealed its bottom line, while China and Russia, though seemingly naked, but the key is hidden Yinsi lived.
Assume that this is a gambling license bureau undress, who lost to who off.
The Bureau of cards to play down. . . China lose, then reduced to the point where Russia now. . . (With the Soviet Union is rather…)
The United States lose to Russia will be reduced to the point. . .
Russia lose, then completely reduced to nothing. . .
Japan, in fact, left with nothing. . . Russia looks like Dear husband, in the accompanying beat. . . In fact, Russia and China for a license in the real fight is in Japan to accompany. . . Because she has nothing to be lost, and immediately out of a lose.
Summarize. . .
America’s most prudish, looked the most glamorous. . . But in fact the crisis is not small. If she lost the Board that he had to hand over hegemony.
Russia ganging up on both sides, the most is sinister. . . Somewhat similar to the liberation of China, the Soviet side for a while for a backward the United States. . . Because of its strength, incompetent, only both sides of the swing in order to survive and to develop the brand there are too many of sight, shows that China hides a lot of strength? And then under the desktop and Russia in the plate. . . Americans only from Taiwan, China and Russia face up speculation did what. . . The Japanese know nothing about, to name of his cards. . . China’s brand the most abysmal.
Japan. . . So many people engaged in action, he basically could not win. . . And then immediately out of a lose.
Taiwan. . . She looks on, the table of these people engaged in what she saw, mind clearly. . . But she did into the Office of the qualifications and ability, and no voice. . . Disgruntled does not help, can do your girl, presented to the winner of your fruit.
Winner should arise between China and the United States, the suspense is not. But to see clearly, the United States despite the strength, but they play mahjong in China, not the Western Poker, a game of cards according to Chinese rules, count how many adult Americans?


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