Ring with law

Left hand ring finger is said to have a vascular contact directly with the heart, it must take new wedding ring worn on the other side of the left hand ring finger.

 love you to the heart! Willing for your love and ordained!

Right hand and left hand has a different meaning.
  right hand little finger: do not fall in love.
  right hand ring finger: in love.
  right hand middle finger: dated other.
  right index finger: singles.
  left hand little finger: does this.
  left hand ring finger: marriage.
  left middle finger: engagement.
  left index finger: single thumb represent the meaning of power, but also the meaning of self-confidence can do.

Wear ring is luxurious. According to Western traditions, the left hand shows the God-given luck, therefore, the ring is usually worn on the left hand.
 wearing international law is more popular: the index finger — want to get married, that unmarried; middle finger — has been in love; ring finger that has engaged or married —; little finger — that single.
  As for the right hand, also in the tradition of wearing a ring when a finger is meaningful, that is, ring finger. Dai is said here that has nuns nature.
  There is also a ring when you wear it, no matter where you wear do not have any meaning, this ring is the ring general of the flower. This ring is from a decorative role, you can wear whatever you want to wear the finger.
Ring worn on the thumb is very strange, is not recommended. Ring worn on the index finger, the feeling is more a personal favor. The most formal wear worn method than the middle finger, if do not want to be too formal sense, can refer to the left or right coupled with a simple ring. Ring finger ring is usually a wedding ring, ring finger looked like a slim, so no matter what the ring, wearing a delicate up is standard. The most fresh wear law, than put a ring on the head of the little finger. A small, simple tail ring, so that women’s hand somehow cute together, the general representative of “I just want a single, do not waste time to pursue my” mean.

Wear design of the ring, stronger, if you want a more personal style, consider another material with the same lines, another relatively simple ring finger. If the ring’s material properties can watch with, it is best to be had. For example, you wear the lovely gold flower ring, you can gold box with a leather table. If you are not too many come and go in the table or rings may wish to consider wearing the ring and wear watches hand staggered hand, do not let lack of coordination of the two hands occurs only in the same accessories.

In the same hand wear only two rings, the color should be consistent, and a ring complex, the other one must be simple. In addition, the best choice of the two adjacent fingers, such as the middle finger and index finger, middle finger and ring finger or ring finger and little finger, never separated by a “mountain.”

Dai said that recovery in the thumb (with action on the other side of the pursuit), worn on the index finger on that request (only in the mind the desire for love), that will wear the middle finger (is in love or has engaged), worn ring finger, said end (already married), and Dai said in the little finger on the left (for the single or divorced.) Overseas, do not wear rings also said, “and flowers also no master, you can catch me”

Heart ring leaked the story   ring is not just decorations, you like to wear what kind of ring finger like wearing what would leak the story of your heart.
   
On the men who – wearing a silver ring that gentle, easy to accommodate other people.
  wear gold rings and paid more attention to the interests, there is often a smart business sense.
  Dai taste of Jade who focus on quality, so strict.

For the ladies – like pink diamond or pink corals, rich and romantic feelings.
  love those ruby or red tourmaline, Some Like It Hot.
  who like Sapphire or Aquamarine. More introverted cold.
  who like emerald or turquoise, emotional fragile.
   
Finger and ring – a ring on different fingers, and can reflect the psychological meaning and character.
  fond of wearing those in the index finger, more extreme stubborn personality.
Fond of wearing those in the right middle finger. Advocating moderate outlook on life.
  fond of wearing those in the left middle finger, there is a sense of responsibility and focus on family.
Fond of wearing those in the small finger, there is inferiority complex.


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