Please do this kind of girl

. Like things their own efforts to buy, do not expect a gift.

2. Lonely, do not listen to slow songs, nostalgia, or tired of dead-line, stand up for exercise or to meet friends for gossip.

3. Received sweet text messages, remember that smile, and then delete.

4. Drink less juice to eat more fruit, eat snacks, drink plenty of water, take more points less and less like to see more, more and talk less, little more than nostalgic longing.

5. Will never be a second man as the father so loved you, so of course men love my father.

6. In the QQ, phone numbers deleted ex-boyfriend, to avoid the nerve vulnerable when he approached.

7. Every day, setting a small goal and then strive to achieve.

8. Eat and resolutely not spit it out, so think carefully before eating. Love is.

9. Birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, remember to buy gifts for themselves.

10. Think of a way to make money, not how to save money.

11. I believe the existence of love and mr.right, before and mr.wrong not refuse to share life.

12. Regular contact with my father, often sharing with his best buddies, and occasionally a small link to a friend SMS greetings will not go back to find the former lover.

13. Remember your mistakes and try to make up, but never blame themselves.

14. And poor sleep than noon, low to put his face on holiday.

15. Really fancy stuff to buy. Really like the man on the chase, and within our capabilities.

16. Never complained to the former lover.

17. Even just downstairs to buy fruit, remember do not wear too dirty. You never know when someone encounter.

18. Carry: tissue paper, mirrors, sanitary napkins, wallet (inside money), the key.

Do not carry: old lover sent the ring, photographs, memories.

19. Can Amoy cheap clothes, but remember their own high-grade than this price.

20. The table is always better than cosmetics, skin care products more expensive, good things for the woman to keep in tune better.

21. Clothes before wearing gloves, the total right to protect themselves.

22. Cultivate the habit of keeping a diary, even fragmentary.

23. Call smile when I remember, listening to see each other.

24. Pay attention to heart, but do not neglect appearance.

25. Monthly billing, the monthly savings.

26. To understand the trend, but do not follow suit.

28. Do not decide, let time help you decide. If you still can not decide, do say. Would rather make mistakes and leave no regrets.

29. Each day for the reason that they have happy.


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