Psychological Test

Mr. L and Miss M is a pair of lovers, both river and neighbors, and that the river is not wide, not wide.
One day, M President was taken suddenly ill, L Miss know very anxious, but that day there was a storm, the water surge, wind pelting rain Jin, M President told her not to visit him, Miss L, or its desire to see him.
So she went to Mr. B, because Mr. B has a boat capable of crossing the river to send her. However, B has to receive Mr. fee of one million across the river, even though she explained to him by Mr. M, he too was unmoved.

L Miss, of course not so much money, so she went to Mr. S, Mr. S is also a result of a ship. Unexpectedly, S President was actually unscrupulous, he asked Miss L offer her body, had just set her crossing.
Miss L for love, and finally, after sacrificing his own … …, S and carried her across the river Mr..
Mr. M’s sudden illness, the last and not deteriorate, but saved the day was. But he knew that Miss L actually sacrificed his own chastity, he was very angry
Because he had told her not to come, not to mention the expense of the body also so! Thus, M and Mr. L Miss so parted.
Miss L is very sad, and soon after, he met Mr. F older. When he knows her past, not only do not mind, but also to her love.
Although Miss L and did not like Mr. F, he does not Taimian Jiang … …
Well, the question arises:
Reference story, the story of five characters from the L, M, B, S, F, according to the degree you like them, from good to bad rafts and other times one.
Such as (1) = L (2) = F (3) = B (4) = M (5) = S
Do not read the answer ~ ~ or not the objective of the!

This is an American psychologist developed a slight heart test known fact, every character represents a meaningful story:
Miss L – Love (Love)
Mr. M – Morality (ethics)
Mr. B – Business (business / money)
Mr. S – Sex (sex)
Mr. F – Family (Family)
When you understand the story, the characters are arranged on the story of love out of order, reflecting the concept of human nature more than the ranking in your mind.


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